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    Cointiply Review; Earn FREE Bitcoin With Cointiply Faucet

    Cointiply Info
    Cointiply is a new BitCoin Faucet where you will earn coins through faucet every hour from 50 coins to 100000 coins. Other than the regular faucet you can earn money by playing games, watching videos, completing offers and even through browser mining. You can withdraw to your Bitcoin Wallet directly or to your faucet hub account. 

    Earn bitcoins from: Top research, adscend media, peanut lab, poll fish, offer daddy, minute staff, offer toro, persona, adgate media, wanna ads 
    1. Site pays in Coins pegged to the dollar (10,000:1), so your earnings remain consistent. (Coins worth more than 1 satoshi with BTC below $10K) 
    2. Win 50-100,000 Coins every hour--every prize is winnable 
    3. Site pays a bonus for every prime number you roll 
    4. Loyalty bonus pays 1% per day of consecutive logins (max 100%) 
    5. High-paying offerwalls, and we constantly monitor to be on top 
    6. Fun video games that pay you 
    7. Withdrawal options: Direct to your wallet (BTC or Doge), or to FaucetHub in BTC 

    8. Ethereum withdrawals 
    9. Support browser mining, paying 5 Coins per 100K hashes 
    Cointiply CPU Mining
    • FauetHub Support  
    • Loyalty bonus of 1% per day up to 100% for every day you make a claim 
    • Earn up to 25% lifetime referral commissions. 
    • Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin from the highest paying Bitcoin faucet 

    There are several ways to earn in Cointiply and I am going to show to you. 
    But of course, the very first question that you may want to know, “If the Cointiply is paying”, right? 
    Yes. The site is currently paying and growing fast. 

    More Ways to Earn 
    As I have mentioned, there are more ways to earn on Cointiply. 
    • Faucet – You can earn BTC just by rolling, just like a dice. And you can roll again every hour. Try your luck. 
    • Games – If you are good in games, then you can earn more BTC with these games. 
    • Videos – For now, I don’t see any offered videos yet, but surely it will be available soon. 
    • Offerwalls – There are plenty of available surveys and offers to choose. The more tasks you complete, the more BTC you will earn. 
    • Mining – You can use your CPU power to mine using your web browser. Current Rate: 5 Coins Per 100K Hashes. 
     And below are the FAQ’s of Cointiply that you may want to read. 

    FREE Way to Earn Bitcoin 

    • CryptoTab – This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to mine Bitcoin while using your Google Chrome. 
    • StartMiner  – This is free site where you mining Bitcoin 
    • BTCClicks – Earn Bitcoin for every sites you view. 
    • Cointiply – Earn Bitcoin by playing games, faucets, tasks, and mining. 
    • 1link.cc – You can earn Bitcoin with URL shorten. 
    • Adbilty.me – You can earn Bitcoin with URL shorten. 
    • AdBTC – Earn Bitcoin thru browsing websites.

    Cointiply FAQ’s 

    What is Cointiply? 
    Cointiply is a next-gen Bitcoin faucet. Users earn free Bitcoin by interacting and completing tasks. The only requirement is that you have a Bitcoin, FaucetHub or DOGE address to send payments to. We will also be adding new payout options in the near future! 

    What is a faucet? 
    Bitcoin faucets—or any cryptocurrency faucet—pay users a few satoshis for loading webpages with ads on them. Ideally, you’ll even click on the ads you find interesting. 

    What are offerwalls? 
    Offerwalls are services that pay users for doing some kind of task. Those tasks include watching a video and the ads that come with them; visiting web pages; filling out surveys; installing apps; signing up for services, etc. 

    How does Cointiply make money? 
    We make money from the ads we show, and we get a cut from the offerwalls and games we host. 

    What are “Coins?” 
    Coins are what we call the credits you earn when using our faucets, games, and offerwalls. The value of a Coin is tied to the dollar and gets converted to satoshis (or the crypto currency of your choice) when you cash out. 

    Why do you pay out in Coins? 
    Bitcoins markets are very volatile, and many of the ad networks and offerwalls pay in fiat currency (i.e. dollars). We pay out in Coins pegged to the dollar to keep our costs constant. This protects both us and our users, because everyone involved knows how much they are earning on a dollar basis. 

    Why does the value of my Coins change? 
    The price of Bitcoin is very volatile, and the value of your Coins changes with the price of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin goes up, Coins are worth fewer satoshis. As Bitcoin goes down, Coins are worth more satoshis, but it’s always worth the same amount in dollars. 

    Do you have a referral program? 
    Yes! We pay 25% for life for faucet earnings, and 10% for life for offerwalls and game earnings. You can view all of the details on your referrals page. 

    Where do I find my referral code? 
    You can find your referral code on your account page and on your referrals page. 

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