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URL’s And Search Engine Optimization

Written By Andi Setiapermana on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | 7:17 PM

Sapu Jagat - URL’s And Search Engine Optimization

Writing by Nick Stamoulis
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Another post over on Search Engine Journal is quite thought provoking concerning search engine optimization and internal linking URL’s. This is the second time this month I have referred to one of Ann Smarty’s post, people will start talking, however she has raised an interesting point and many SEO consultant’s could spend hours arguing with their web designers of the use of ‘relative’ and ‘absolute’ URL’s.

I am from the old school, I like the use of absolute URL’s. There is never any doubt where you are pointing. I can see a designer’s point of view with relative URL’s, however, particularly when it comes to search engine optimization, when a spider comes a crawling I want to be able to tell it exactly where to go (in more ways than one actually)

Ann only referred to two positives for using relative URL’s, one being that moving domains would be easier. This is true, however, there are not many webmaster’s that move domains – at least not frequently. The benefits for using absolute URL’s far outweighed the benefits in using relatives. I think one of the traits of good search engine optimization programs is consistency. It is also the lazy man’s (person’s) way out.

Once you get used to using one form of linking you tend to stick to it rather than switching between relative and absolute. The two other points that I think are important. The first relates to stolen content. Having absolute URL’s embedded will always point the content back to your site unless the content thief takes the time to remove those links. Internal linking has become an important part of search engine optimization, and content theft is one more reason to include it.

The second point that I thinks is an important consideration relates to subscriptions, particularly email distribution. Absolute URL’s will guarantee the reader finding the exact path that you want them to take. There is no purpose to spending time on your landing page’s search engine optimization if the links for some reason miss the target.

Ultimately, when it comes to search engine optimization, the difference between relative and absolute URL’s will come down to the writers preference, training and habit. What’s your preference?

URL’s And Search Engine Optimization 
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