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Easy Profit Bot Review and Massive Bonus

Written By Andi Setiapermana on Saturday, October 1, 2011 | 11:15 PM

Who Created Easy ProfitBot?
Easy ProfitBot is a program that was created by Jimmy Kim and Dan Briffa. Jimmy is no newcomer when it comes to developing products for internet marketers. He was part of the team that had developed Commission Domination, Clickbank Wealth Formula, Income Instruments and several other products that were successful.

Easy ProfitBot Software
So what is Easy ProfitBot? It is a Windows based program that allows the user to have complete control with every component being posted to your blog. All content is controlled by the user through the program interface and it is very ‘newbie’ friendly and requires no prior experience to use. Most blogging software out there posts everything automatically without allowing the user to control the content until everything has been posted to the blog. Easy ProfitBot allows this control prior to posting which makes this a very unique component.

I personally had the opportunity to preview a demo of the software and thought I would post this Easy ProfitBot review for you.

My Easy ProfitBot Review
Within the software, there are four tabs that make it simple for beginners:
Tab 1: Installation
This is where you enter any basic settings that are required. You will need to enter information for your cPanel login, the blog details and your FTP information.
After the information is completed, you can install.
Tab 2: Theme
Here you will preview multiple available themes. Once you’ve selected the one you want for the look and feel of your blog, select it for automatic installation and then activate it.
Tab 3: Plugins
Here the software installs and activates several popular and useful WordPress plugins for enhanced SEO performance. The software also uploads Auto ProfitBot and Easy Spin, two Easy ProfitBot proprietary plugins.
Tab 4: Content
In this section you will set up your content. You will:

  • Set how often you would like to publish new posts to your site
  • Set when you would like your content posting to begin
  • Select a post category
  • Enter your target keywords
  • Select the type of content you want (articles and/or videos)
  • After everything above is set, you will click “Search” and the software automatically searches for content that is relevant to post to your blog.
  • This portion of the software is very unique. After the software finds relevant content, it doesn’t automatically post the content like every other auto post software. With Easy ProfitBot, you can preview the content before publishing it to your blog.
  • You can place checkmarks next to the content you want and then schedule when you want it added to your site. You can schedule articles and videos separately.
I took a personal interest in that last step simply because I always have to go into my blog and “remove” auto posts that I don’t want on my site. With this software, you get to select what you want ahead of time. This is an awesome feature.

All of the steps above take less than 15 minutes from start to finish. That’s it.

You actually build the entire site using the Easy ProfitBot software. Perfect for beginners. What you end up with is a complete WordPress affiliate website full of content. You can still make changes easily by logging into the admin section and add, remove or alter anything you like.

In conclusion I’ve used software similar to Easy ProfitBot with less features. I always end up removing the site and rebuild everything from scratch simply because the software didn’t do what I wanted it to and I had to do it manually.

Easy ProfitBot seems to have fixed that issue for users like me who want everything just right. There are features I believe really make this software unique.

First of all, it’s very easy to use. Very simple for even beginners. Secondly, having the opportunity to actually select your content prior to posting is gold! Easy ProfitBot is the only software on the market that does this that I am aware of. Auto posting content is always risky. I’ve always had content posted that was completely irrelevant to my blog and had to sift through the rubble to remove unwanted material. Easy ProfitBot eliminates this problem completely.

Finally, being able to select a schedule for the content to be posted will keep you search engine friendly. By feeding your blog posts at random times automatically, it makes your blog appear to be more active which the search engines like.

Easy ProfitBot is an absolute must have for beginners and is a valuable tool for more advanced marketers. For the price, it simply can’t be beat.

For those who know me, you know I can be trusted. For those of you who are new to me, you will find that I am very picky and selective with products that I choose to promote. I simply don’t waste my time with products that are less worthy of my readers. If you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed. It’s that simple. Easy ProfitBot is well worth it!

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