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www.affiliatebot.com. Affiliate program for CPA marketing

Written By Andi Setiapermana on Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 10:53 PM

AffiliateBot.com Overview:

Official Website: www.affiliateBot.com
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Refund Period: -
Trail Payment: -
Authorized Retailer: AffiliateBot
Reviews Author: Lisand

Service Description
Affiliate Bot is a CPA network advertising company owned by BizCentral. This company brings together website and blog owners with advertisers for the benefit of all. Website and blog owners who join the program can have advertisers’ offers posted on their sites, and can earn money when people sign up for the offers through these ads. Advertisers can increase their customers bases and profits by having their offers placed across the internet on different sites.

Detailed Overview
CPA marketing campaigns are all the rage today. Affiliate marketers have been noticing the potential for profit in this type of marketing, and businesses all over are finding that it is an efficient and profitable way to advertise. There are some pretty big CPA networking sites around the internet, most with fairly strict requirements for membership. Affiliate Bot is a smaller company, but they offer opportunities for more affiliates. Their requirements aren’t completely relaxed, but they tend to be a little more friendly to those website publishers who don’t get massive amounts of internet traffic or don’t have the most impressive rankings.

If you’re accepted into Affiliate Bot as an affiliate, you will get access to a host of offers from different businesses that you can place on your website. The service can help you to choose the offers that would best go on your site and fit with your particular niche. You’ll be able to see how much money you are making from the offers on your website or blog through your own report panel on the Affiliate Bot site. Affiliates are also offered performance bonuses on a regular basis, and can make extra commissions by referring other qualifying affiliates to the program.

Affiliate Bot affiliates are paid once a month, in the middle of the month. There is a minimum payout amount of $50, so if on one pay period there is not that much in your affiliate account, it will carry over to the next month, until the minimum is reached. They offer a few different payment methods, including Paypal, and are open to affiliates from all over the world.
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Though a smaller CPA network, Affiliate Bot has received mostly positive feedback from the affiliate members and advertisers. They have a forum on their site where members can network with each other and with staff, which helps foster a sense of trust. Members report that they are responsive to questions and concerns.

Domain "Whois"
The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The owner of "AffiliateBot.com" has purposely made their Whois information private. While not always a bad thing, this could mean they have something to hide.

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